Why some private Medical Practices fail – Part 3

We have embarked on a series of articles that looks at why many Private Medical Practices fail, particularly start-up businesses, because the statistics for the high rate of start-up businesses that do fail are pretty alarming.

Why some private Medical Practices fail – Part 2

As matter of interest, although there are some factors that are specifically pertinent to Medical Practices, the reasons that businesses fail are pretty generic and therefore these articles should be of assistance to our Accounting and Financial Planning clients as well.

Why some private Medical Practices fail – Part 1

We at MFI , as specialist Medical Practice Financial Managers, have always felt that it is our obligation, wherever we can to give good advice to start up medical practices and this series
of articles was designed with that in mind.

Financial planning is different for Medical Practitioners

Although MFI are primarily Medical Practice Financial Management experts we have an excellent Financial planning division and have found that this has for many of our Medical Practitioners been a welcome additional service that we provide.

How specialist Accountants help medical practice start-ups

When any business starts up there are a number of things they need to consider and deal with on the financial side. Accountants and in particular specialist Medical Practice Finance Management services can be of great help. Fortunately at MFI, we have both!

21st century changes in Medical practice

One thing we all know is that change is inevitable. As sure as death and taxes, change will take place in whatever industry you may be involved. Medical practice is possibly one of the most rapidly changing industries too and for some fairly obvious reasons.

The ABC of good reasons to have Medical Practice Management

It seems quite amazing to us that there are still many Medical practitioners that don’t utilise the excellent Medical Practice Financial Management offered by MFI, so we thought that perhaps the best way to convince any potential clients that they should use these services – and to assure our regular clients that they are doing the best thing for their business – is that we should just spell it out!

Seven solid steps to compliant Medical Practice registration

The correct and compliant registration of a Medical practice when you start out is an important matter and we at MFI, always willing to find more ways to help our Medical Practitioners would like to give some sound advice in this regard

Four essential things medical practitioners need to factor in to their finances

There are a number of aspects of financial wellbeing that medical practitioners need to look at that may be unique to the medical profession. Certainly as graduating professionals they have usually had to take student loans and tread a long path to finally being able to make some money.

A few pertinent financial planning pointers for young medical practitioners

We are aware that many of our seasoned medical practitioners who have been partnering with a good medical practice finance management company for a while are aware of the kinds of financial plans they need to make, but there are many young people just starting out in medical practice and they have some unique aspects of their financial challenges that they need to face and deal with.